road-backDr. O’Dell is the Clinic Director at Mesa Chiropractic in Santa Barbara, California, where people come from all over the world to be coached back to health. He is a renowned authority on natural health and healing and a gifted speaker who uses humor to motivate people to change. He was born in Three Rivers, Michigan, and then, at age 7, moved to the province of Ontario, Canada. He was very sickly and underweight, always getting a cold, flu or strep throat. Yet, at the same time, he was very athletic, so he was prone to every sports injury there was! Since his father, uncle and cousin were all medical doctors, he received the best medical care. However, he continued to get sick and injured, and he couldn’t gain any weight. His parents got divorced about this time, and his mother sent him to a chiropractor.

After that, he was hooked! Not only was the chiropractor able to fix every sports injury he got, but he stopped getting sick, and gained 30 pounds with no dietary change. It was then that he decided to become a chiropractor himself. He went to 4 years of university majoring in as biology, and then 4 more years at the Canadian Chiropractic College. They required an 8 year doctorate because they wanted you to know everything a medical doctor needed to know, as well as everything a chiropractor needed to know. He’s been in practice in Santa Barbara for 30 years now, and still loves it. He truly looks forward to the interaction with patients on a daily basis. Because he believes that getting your spine aligned on a regular basis helps keep one s immune system functioning optimally and he personally practices what he preaches and gets adjusted weekly.