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What is a Subluxation?

Subluxations are the primary reason for visiting A chiropractor. A subluxation occurs when one or more of the spinal vertebrae move out of position due to injury, stress or chemical imbalances. This can put pressure on the spinal nerves, causing them irritation, and resulting in pain. A chiropractor can locate these subluxations and gently realign […]

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What’s Occupational Health and Safety All About, and How Can a Chiropractor Help?

Chiropractors are excellent at providing preventive care, which can help save businesses considerable amounts of money. But in addition to the financial benefit, employers benefit further by making their employees feel valued, which increases worker satisfaction.

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Meditation and Your Health-What the Science Says

Researchers have found in study after study that meditation can offer both mental and physical health benefits. Doctors of Chiropractic, other physicians and integrative health programs increasingly prescribe meditation techniques alongside traditional treatments to achieve a wide range of health goals, from increasing immunity to lowering high blood pressure and reducing the symptoms of irritable […]

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How Chiropractic Care Has Helped Me: Introducing Jerry Rice

Few people put their bodies through the sort of punishment that football players endure every week-during practice and at game time. Former National Football League (NFL) wide receiver Jerry Rice says that chiropractic care has been instrumental in keeping him in good condition, both on and off the field. He was named the NFL’s Player […]

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Beach Volleyball Players Use Chiropractic Care

The beach volleyball game involves tremendous stresses on the body. First, it's two people per each side of the net, so each athlete has to cover large areas in very short periods of time.

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Tips for Creating a Successful Organic Vegetable Garden Anywhere

(NaturalNews) There is nothing like enjoying the fruits of your labor, literally! The seeds you just planted turn out as little shoots and flowers until they grow into bulbs and finally young little things waiting […]

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Relaxation and Meditation: As Crucial to Health as Diet and Exercise


(NaturalNews) You gotta relax, man. Life in 2012 means a degree of stress, for just about everyone. Our bodies and minds can take a lot of abuse, but its all too easy to get into a negative cycle, and just keep sinking. You don’t sleep well, you get up late, so you don’t eat, your […]

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Unwind with Chiropractic

Here is our Santa Barbara Chiropractor Weekly Sticky:

Ever feel ‘wound up’ from the stresses of life? You feel tight and distorted, like a rubber band that’s been twisted to the brink of snapping? That tension you’re feeling isn’t in your head… it’s actually in your Nerve System.

The constant, never ending stress of life builds tension […]

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Treating the Bark vs. Adjusting the Cause.

Here is our Santa Barbara Chiropractor Weekly Sticky:

You walk into your Chiropractor’s office, hop on a table and point to where it hurts. But the Chiropractor adjusts a totally different part of your spine… not even close to where you feel the pain. Why is that?

There’s an old saying that goes when you step on […]

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